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NCG Tools provides full range of different fastening tool designs.

For a complete range of our riveters, please refer to our catalogue.

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NCG Features

Since the company began in 1979, NCG TOOLS has been providing patented and innovative solution for fastening tools.

Our popular products include our 360 degree Swivel-Head Riveters, Multi-Functional Fastening Riveters, our Heavy Duty Folding Handle Riveters, and our latest patented Omni-Mandrel HF300 Riveters.

Multi-Functional NCG



One tool can be used to fasten blind rivets, rivet nuts, rivet studs, and also anchors! Simply done by changing accesories.

Swivel NCG



With its rotating design, our swivel riveters can get your job done in every angle.

Folding Handles NCG

Folding Handles


High leverage power now comes in convenient size! Our folding handle series can be carried around with ease.